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Commission Responsibilities


The Administration Commission is responsible for teaching and offering stewardship opportunities to the congregation and for the financial operation and management of the church, working closely with other Commissions and reporting to Session.

The focus of this group is on:

  • Stewardship of time, talents and resources
  • Day-to-day financial operations and reporting
  • Budget planning and coordination
  • Payroll, contracts and insurance
  • Memorials and management of special gifts

The Commission coordinates with the Personnel Committee on salaries and benefits.

Reporting on the status of church finances to the congregation has become an area of focus through creation of quarterly giving statements.  Volunteers take on this work, which requires maintenance of databases.  Building facilities, computers and printing/mailing supplies are utilized to support this effort. 


The Commission works with the congregational appointed auditors to facilitate the annual audit process.


A variety of treasury expenses are incurred annually and expenses for materials such as giving envelopes are also realized within the Commission’s budget.


Oversight is provided for the office and computing infrastructure of the church.  In addition, Administration has been charged with continued oversight of the Endowment Fund Committee.  PayPal has also been introduced as a vehicle for giving.


An annual Stewardship Campaign is conducted each year, outlining what gifts are needed to support the ministries of the church.  The focus of the Commission is theological, emphasizing that all that we are and all that we have are gifts from God.