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Mission Commission 


At the end of our Church’s Mission Statement, we pledge to share God’s gifts, exemplify God’s love and seek justice for all.  Our Mission Commission has developed many programs to fulfill these goals with specific outward focuses on local communities, regional or national initiatives and international mission work. Our programs are dynamic depending on the needs and resources. In recent past, we have sponsored Mission Matawan to repair houses of local families, Manna House for single mothers to become independent, Habitat for Humanity to build houses, Refugee Resettlement to help refugee families resettle in our area.


Our current Local Mission Programs include:

  1. Matawan Community Food Pantry (in partnership with Cross of Glory) that serves over 70 local families.
  2. Family Promise for homeless and low-income families. Our Church recently joined this effort to provide meals one night during the week when the families stay at St. John Methodist Church in Keyport.
  3. Connect Program by Love Thy Neighbor (formerly LOVE INC) through which we provide Christmas gifts to many local families.
  4. Blanket Sunday to support Church World Service for emergency aids and rebuilding programs.
  5. CROP Walk to support Church World Service to fight hunger locally and around the world.
  6. Local Interfaith Dialogue  Groups to promote understanding of other faiths, to raise hope and peace in the communities through education and dialogue events.
  7. PDA Volunteer Village to house out-of-town volunteers for rebuilding local communities such as Sandy Recovery, Habitat for Humanity.
  8. Money donations to support various local causes.

Through Unified Mission Giving, our Church supports Mission Programs of the PCUSA:

  1. Undesignated programs for General Assembly and Presbytery of Monmouth.
  2. Presbytery of Monmouth specifically for Camp Johnsonburg and Youth Triennium. Our Church also frequently benefits from these programs.
  3. Oversea mission programs by General Assembly specifically for:
  • Young Adult Volunteer Program in Northern Ireland.
  • Choon and Yen-Hee Lim for mission work in Asian countries.

Our Church is also a Five-for-Five church supporting five categories of giving:

  1. Unified Mission Giving supporting mission programs mentioned above.
  2. One Great Hour of Sharing Offering during Lent to fight hunger, disaster and for rebuilding
  3. The Pentecost Offering to support young adult volunteers and children at risk. Our Church keeps 40% of the collection for our local uses.
  4. The Peace & Global Offering (formerly Peacemaking) on World Communion Sunday to address injustice and to promote peace. Our Church retains 25% of the collection for our local initiatives.
  5. The Christmas Joy Offering during Advent and Christmas season to support racial ethnic schools and for Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions.

We are determined to make the differences. Through these programs, we share God’s gifts and love. We will raise hope to those in needs regardless who they are or where they come from. With openness and God’s welcoming words, we will seek justice and peace among all people in all communities.