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Superstorm Sandy -Volunteer Village...


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        How it started          Volunteers Handbook


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In 2013 the first groups were here to stay in our Village and work on the Jersey Shore. 


 University Presbyterian Church, Rochester Hills, Michigan

 Seventh Day Adventist Church, Takoma Park,  Maryland

Presbytery of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Wrightsville Presbyterian Church, Wrightsville, Pennsylvania






Welcome Volunteers!!


 Church of the Covenant, Cleveland, Ohio  (Students from Case Western Reserve University)

he group is sponsored by Church of the Covenant, Cleveland, Ohio.  Leading the group is former member Rev. Eileen Vizcaino, Chaplain for Student Support for Covenant University and Community Ministry and Charles (Chip) Bromley a member of the church and member of its Student Ministries Advisory Committee.  The student volunteers are from Case Western Reserve University – Brandon McCracken, Krishna Mahadevan, Jane Lu, Satvika Mikkilineni, Jong (John) Huyk Park, and Amy Shen.

They arrived Sunday evening, March 9th and left Saturday, March 15th.   Church members Joe Kacirek and Dana Boettinger will prepare a “Welcome to the Shore dinner.  After dinner there will be an orientation session led by Pat Perri which will give the volunteers a chance to acquaint themselves with the building and its facilities. Eleanor Godocik will introduce them to the kitchen and to the location of food and cooking supplies.  Fire Safety information,  reviewing the fire exits and a meeting place outside the church in case of fire will be discussed. The volunteers will have a chance to view the Youth Lounge and  the amenities available to them.  There are reference materials for them in the Lounge: a restaurant guide, general information and directions, a map of NJ, and a log book for job information with sheets that that they will each fill out every day noting where they have worked and the families they have helped.  There is also a visitor’s book which we hope they will sign and perhaps leave a few sentences about their stay in our church.  A basket filled with items they might have forgotten to bring (toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)  is also available for them. 


 Presbyterian Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia

A team of twenty strong from Fredericksburg VA will arrive this Sunday afternoon!  They will be staying in our dorm, cooking in our kitchen and working on projects to help restore the damage from Hurricane Sandy. (Yes we are still doing that)  Because of what you have done to transform our facilities into a place of welcome and respite, they are able to go to help folks get back into their homes.


 Presbytery of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

 This was a return visit for this group!


In June: First Presbyterian Church, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky



We are reporting to the State of NJ that our volunteers have worked a total of 2453 hours so far.


 Check back for updates as more volunteers make arrangements to come and work.


 What one group had to say:

Dear First Presbyterian Church of Matawan "Family",


The students from Case Western Reserve University, the congregation at The Church of the Covenant, and I cannot stop talking about your gracious hospitality and the wonderful welcome we received during our service trip to rehab a home hit by Superstorm Sandy.  The story of the comfortable dormitory and its thoughtful accommodations is being told and retold. 


The students were blown away by the youth lounge and all it had to offer.  They had such a great time; they have named themselves "The Family" and will be getting together again very soon.  And the special help we received with the computer connections was "over the top."


You are doing compassionate work there to house volunteers and send them off each day in good spirits to lift the homes and spirits of others.  The special work that you did to ready the kitchen after renovations is deeply appreciated.


And of course, it was so heartwarming to see all of my "home church family" again, to see how you have grown and reached out to the community after all it has suffered, as have many of you along with it.  The students, our "co-dad" Chip and I thank you from with all our hearts.


Please share this with Dana, Joe, and so many others who made our visit so memorable.


Rev. Eileen Vizcaino

Chaplain to college students

Covenant University and Community Ministries




Volunteers are coming!
We recently received word from
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance that
several groups of volunteers are coming to
work on the shore and will be staying with us.
As of  March 8, the schedule looks like this:

Cushing Academy,
Ashburnham, MA
11 volunteers
Tuesday March 10 - Sat. March 14

Laurel Mtn. Mission Group,
Rockwood, PA
15 volunteers
Sunday March 22 - Sat. March 27

Sacramento Presbytery,
Sacramento, CA
20 volunteers
Saturday, April 11 - Sat. April 18

Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church,
Bethesda, MD
12 volunteers
Sunday, May 3 - Sat. May 9

Fort Thomas Presbyterian Church,
Ft. Thomas, KY
20 Volunteers
Sunday, June 7 - Sat. June 13