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The congregation voted in April, 2013 for our church to become a PDA Volunteer Village. We submitted a request for the PDA seed grant, and in June PDA approved our request and granted our church a generous $5,000 grant. This enabled us to pay for equipment for our dormitory to house up to 20 volunteers, as well as purchase an icermaker and other needed items. We are very grateful for the support and generosity of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program. 



n late 2013, we received a generous  grant of $68,000 from the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund  that is intended to help us up-grade our facilities beginning with the kitchen and extending to the aforementioned showers.  Work on these improvements is progressing as this is being written. The stove was replaced in Late March of 2014. After some hard work by several of our church volunteers, the old kitchen stove was removed and a new one installed in March of 2014! 

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Plans are in motion for the bathroom renovations as of early April 2014.   


In mid October 2014 our renovated bathrooms WITH SHOWERS were complete, and ready for use!

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