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               Fellowship Hour                








What food and drink do I need to provide?


  • Milk (1 gallon)
  • Finger foods such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, vegetables/dip, cheese/crackers, fruit, etc. Some members provide more elaborate selections of foods for certain celebrations, but it is not required.
  • Drinks/juices if you do not want to make it when you get there.




What is provided in the kitchen for me to use that I  need to prepare?


  • Coffee- both regular and decaffeinated
  • Juice/lemonade and or ice-tea is there in powder form. At least a gallon should be made.
  • Tea- you need to boil the water. The tea bags are provided in the cabinet.




How many people should I expect at Fellowship Hour?


  • There is approximately 40-50 people on an average Sunday. Special events or time of year this number will increase.
  • There tends to be less people during the summer months and on bad weather days.


What supplies are provided and where are they?


  • The supplies are located in cabinet #22. The combination will be given to you when you sign up for hosting or the morning of hosting coffee hour.  People to ask are Susan Fenning, Michelle Nunley, Eleanor Godocik, Sis DeMarco, or Christine Stelljas. In the cabinet, you will find: coffee (regular/decaffeinated), paper plates, napkins, plasticware, sugar/sweeteners, tea, and napkins.
  • Coffee cups are mugs which are located in a rolling cart in the other kitchen area, near the dishwasher. If you don’t want to use the dishwasher, which is very fast and easy, you may bring in your own hot cups.
  • Fill the tea kettle on the counter with water for tea.
  • The milk pitchers are located in cabinet #1. You will need two of them for each coffee corner.
  • Plastic juice glasses are located in the washing trays and can be placed on the table to use less space. There are two different sizes for your convenience.  If not, please bring your own cold cups.
  • In cabinet #7 there are tablecloths for both the rectangle and round tables. Feel free to bring your own if you prefer a certain color to theme.
  • In cabinet #5, there are serving trays or various sizes and bowls to use for your goodies.
  • In the cabinet on the far left, next to the dishwasher area, you will find the coffee carafes and pitchers for the drinks. The coffee lids are labeled regular and def on them. Brown is regular and orange is decaffeinated.




What do I set up in Fellowship Hall?


  • Set up 3 tables for the food and drinks. Create a U shape with the tables.
  • Set up another 2-3 tables and chairs for people to sit down and enjoy their goodies.
  • After you place down the tablecloths, place the coffee and tea supplies in the corners of the U shape for the best access of more people to pour their coffee or tea. In front of the mugs, place the sugar, tea baskets, and an oval dish for garbage (these are placed in the island, on the top shelf in the front). Juices tend to be located at the ends or the U shape. This makes it easy for little children to get their drinks without spilling it and away from the hot beverages. The food can be placed anywhere you would like it to be placed. Make sure there are napkins and plates, if needed, for them to use around the tables.
  • There is a donations box where the coffee, sugar, tea, and stirrers are found. Place that box in the middle area of the front table. Any donations should be placed in one of the envelops and the information marked on the front. This envelope can be placed on June’s desk upstairs or given to Barbara Dodenhoff.






What time should I come to set up for coffee hour?


  • An hour before church starts is about the right amount of time to prepare. Right before the last hymn is about to start is a good time to come down and place the hot coffee in the carafas and start the 90 second kettle for the boiling water for the tea.
  • It is also a good time to put the dishwasher on if you are using the coffee mugs and plastic glasses. It is located in the corner of the little kitchen area. Close the sides by bringing down the handle and press the red start button. It takes about 15 minutes for the temperature to hit the proper degrees (140).




What should I do while people are eating? What about cleanup?


  • Make sure the coffee carafes are refilled as people are consuming it. The milk pitchers tend to need refilling since they aren’t that large.
  • Refill any food on the trays if you have any left in the kitchen.
  • As the food is finished, place the trays/bowls etc. in the sink to be washed later.
  • After most people leave, or until you feel most everyone is done eating, you can begin to clean up the tables and putting away the supplies back in the closet.
  • There are plastic bags, plastic wrap, and foil that you can use to save your leftover goodies. If you want to place them in the freezer for another coffee hour to use, then just mark in with a permanent marker and place it in the freezer in the storage room next to the kitchen on the left.
  • All borrowed trays, utensils, etc., needs to be washed and put away before you leave.
  • All the coffee mugs need to be washed in the washer. It is really simple to use. After it has reached the 140 degrees, just push in the tray of dirty coffee mugs, pull down the handle, and the washer does the rest. The green  button will turn on once the cycle is done. Just pull out the tray on the opposite side and let it dry there. It may be placed on the rolling tray  when it completely dries.


Basic Information:


  • You can do Coffee Hour with your family, or you may have another family or person do it with you. Having another person who has done it before is a good person to assist you if it is your first time doing it.
  • Coffee Hour is a great way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a baptism, any other special event in your life, or just because you want to host it
  • If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach Susan Fenning at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 732-607-6311.