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Worship and Music... 


Worship is the work of the people of God.  Some would have you believe that you can worship God any time and any where.  While this is essentially true, we believe that there is far more to it than that.


Worship is that event in the life of the Christian Community that we know will happen again and again.  It brings us into the presence of God where we offer our praise and thanksgiving and hear God's words of comfort and challenge.


Worship is made up of more elements than are immediately obvious.  Some elements, such as symbols, music, decor, the temperature of the room, the conditions of the room, colors, smells and so forth, participate in the event we call "Worship" to make it meaningful. 


We gather to worship every week at 9:00 am (Contemporary) and10:30 am (Traditional) during the school year and at 9:30 in the summer (Summer Worship.  Our services can be best characterized as "blended."  That is, we attempt to blend a variety of styles into our services.  Moreover, if one portion of worship does not speak to you we hope that another will. 


Music is an important part of our worship experience and so you will hear a variety of voices from one of our many choirs and music from a broad spectrum of instruments in addition to the typical organ or piano.  It is not unusual to hear a harp one Sunday and a Rock band the next.


While we are Reformed in our foundational principles, we are also intent on being a welcoming community so that if you don't know what "reformed" means it does not matter.  You are welcome here and if you do – then you will also feel comfortable with a liturgy you have experienced in another Presbyterian Church somewhere before.


Yes indeed, you are welcome here.


Worship & Music Responsibilities
Baptism Special Worship
Communion      Advent
Decorations      Christmas Eve



        Good Friday

        Prayer Vigil

        Easter Sunrise


     Holy Week

Lay Leaders Ushers

Music Program            

   Hand Bells


   Concert Series

   Coffee Houses

   Other Opportunities

Pulpit Supply  
Sound System