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Ushering Schedule

We need four ushers each week


Week 1: (doesn’t even notice the announcement)

Week 2: “Oh, look at that! They need an usher.”

Week 3: “Oh, looks like they still need an usher.”

Week 4: “What? They haven’t found an usher yet?”

Week 5: “What is wrong with people around here? Why isn’t anyone ushering?”

Week 6: “Okay, I guess I’d better do it.”


1 Corinthians 12 - Concerning Spiritual Gifts. There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.

Romans 12 - Humble Service. We have different gifts..if it is serving, then serve;


I'm extending an invitation to consider a ministry

opportunity; that of being an Usher.


Ushering? Ushers?

Of course, a short explanation of what ushering is all about will be:

Usher welcome parishioners and visitors as they arrive for worship. With cheerful hearts they put a smile on the faces of those arriving for worship. The first person a member or a visitor interacts with is the Usher and, as we know, first impressions matter a lot.


However, a lot of preparation behind the scene is needed to prepare the sanctuary for Service:

Open the Front-Doors, turn on the lights, check A/C or heat, turn on sound system, check batteries in mikes, check for sound in fellowship hall, check candles, put flowers in urns, check for special flowers on pedestal, check for bulletins, check for large-print bulletins, check pulpit, check for chancel paraments, check for a clean sanctuary.....phew, what a list.


You want to see the list of things to be done after Service? Ah, no space.


So, if there are so many skills an Usher needs to have aside from a smile, what is the most important?


When a believer, a visitor, or non-believer comes to First Presbyterian Church of Matawan, he/she should be greeted with kindness, love and respect.



So, what is an Usher then?


Luke 9:47-48

Jesus, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him. Then he said to them, "Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all--he is the greatest.” An Usher welcomes one in the name of Christ.


In his training tape titled “The Ten Most Important People on Sunday”, Dr. John C. Maxwell has a section on Ushers and the human relationship that goes into "greeting and meeting" on Sunday morning:



The Ten Commandments of Human Relationships observed by our Ushers

1. Speak to people. There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word or greeting.

2. Smile to people. It takes 72 muscles to frown and only 14 to smile.

3. Call people by name. The sweetest music is the sound of one’s own name.

4. Be friendly and helpful.

5. Be cordial. Speak and act as though everything you do is pleasurable.

6. Have a genuine interest in people. People like to be noticed and appreciated.

7. Be considerate of the feelings of others. Try walking in their shoes.

8. Be generous with praise; be cautious with criticism.

9. Be thoughtful of the opinions of others. Respect their viewpoints.

10. Be alert to give service. What counts most in life is what we do for others.


Please, re-read 10 "What counts.. is what we do for others".


Usher Eligibility


  • When signing up to be an usher you are signing up for a ministry.
  • Usher positions are open to any congregation member.
  • All volunteers are expected to make a commitment of at least one month (usually four Sunday Services). Of course, you are encouraged to sign up for as many Sunday Services, and special Holiday Services (think Christmas Eve) events as you wish.
  • You are reliable, and have a friendly attitude
  • You have a responsible, cooperative and courteous attitude toward members and visitors.


Ushering today

Today, ushering, in our church is a vital part of our church ministry. Ushers represent First Presbyterian of Matawan in a very visible way; helping to set the tone while preparing for the Service, as well as assisting in a smooth operation during the Service. The basis for an Ushers preparation; as with any other Christian service, is prayer. An Usher who has prayerfully thought through the solemn privileges and opportunities of the task will be recognized as a sincere guide and friend.


Usher Volunteers

We are in the process of creating a monthly Usher Schedule; such that we have 4 ushers for every Sunday Service for a given month. Speak with me, and we can talk about your role in Worship Support; including all the things that will happen prior to the Service, during the Service, and after the Service.


Are you ready? Are you ready, after some intense praying, to understand and live Luke 9:47-48: “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me"?


In Christ

Gunter Beck