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New Member Classes


FPC has a regular program to receive new members into our family.  Classes are conveniently scheduled so that you can arrange your time to be here and participate.  If you need child care, we will arrange for that at no cost to you. 


There are generally five sessions of approximately an hour each.  Each Session will explore a variety of issues that relate to our life together:


  • Getting acquainted – you with us, we with you and you with fellow enquirers
  • A Review of Christian Beliefs from our perspective
  • Touring the Presbyterian Heritage – and what makes us different from other denominations
  • The meaning of Membership – what you can expect and what is expected of you as you enter into our life together
  • A meeting with the Leaders of the Church to receive you


During these sessions participants are encouraged to explore any question they may have relating to their faith and Christian life.


All participants in the life of the church are welcome to take part in any activity of the church and to receive pastoral care and support should the need arise.