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Triennium 2013




For the youth at FPC Triennium started much before one week in July; our youth were talking about and planning for Triennium as early as last September. There is much to do in order to get there, and our youth started with several fundraisers. This year they collected clothing, prepared and sold soup, washed cars on a blistering hot day and were the packing and moving crew at two different homes! The work was difficult, but it was all worth it when we all got on the buses to Indiana.


The day finally came and our youth gathered with other youth from our Presbytery as well as with the youth from the New Brunswick Presbytery. There were 75 in all and we broke up into two buses. The day was rainy but it didn’t dampen our spirits as we got on the bus. We were about halfway through Pennsylvania when our adventure actually began. One bus broke down and we all had to squeeze on the other bus to get to a rest stop! After an hour and a half or so a new bus picked us up and we continued onto Ohio. We spent the night in Zanesville Ohio at the Trinity Presbyterian Church. The next day we went on to Indiana, where we were met with 95 degree plus temperatures, and 5000 excited youth from all over the United States, Canada and many different parts of the world.



The temperatures continued to stay high throughout the week, and the enthusiasm did as well. Every day there was an energetic worship service which would start with what is called an energizer. Energizers are fun silly dance moves that are put together to music and they will “energize” the most heat laden person. The worship message was told through song, skits and sermons delivered by guest pastors. Everyone was left feeling refreshed and uplifted.


We spent our days in small groups getting the chance to discuss our faith and at the same time meeting people from all over the world. Friendships were made quickly and with the popularity of social media the connections have continued two months after our trip.


Our last evening was spent on a hill looking down onto an amphitheater where worship was taking place. At the end of the worship service everyone got a candle and one by one five thousand candles were lighted until the darkness of the hillside was ablaze with the light of Jesus Christ. It was an incredible display of faith and an amazing way to finish out our week.



We are currently putting together a slide show of our trip that will be playing during our Rally Day luncheon on September 8, 2013. Please come to the luncheon and see how amazing this trip was for our youth!


Until then, please know that every one of the youth who participated in this life changing conference appreciates the support of our church. We had a lot of time speaking with people from other churches when we were on those buses, and after listening to their stories, we realize how truly blessed the youth at FPC are to have such a caring and supportive church family. Thank you so much for all of your love and support!


Kris Schoelkopf and the FPC Youth