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Visitor Information


Visitor's Guide - (a.k.a. What you find when you visit First Presbyterian Church)


Warm, welcoming community - We appreciate your checking us out, and we consider you as part of the family.


Pressure-free zone - Check us out at your own pace. We'll follow up with you, but we won't put any pressure on you.


Adequate parking - There are parking spaces on three sides of the church, with a large parking lot in the back. Each parking area is near an entrance door to the church.


Nursery - A bright, clean nursery with a qualified, loving staff will be available for your babies and toddlers. The door leading to the nursery will be well marked.


Child friendliness - We value our time with your kids. They are a very important part of our family, and we will be honored to love and nurture them in a safe environment.


Intergenerational - We love all kinds of folks, including those who are very young and those who are great in wisdom and young at heart. Our church community will be like a family, drawing upon the strength, enthusiasm and wisdom of folks of every stage of life.


"Come as you are" - We do not have a dress code. We hope that you will be comfortable in what you wear.


Meaningful worship - Our worship service cannot be reduced to any certain style. It will combine the best of the traditional with the best of the new. The music will be upbeat and joyful. The messages will be relevant and not even close to boring.


Worship guide - Sometimes folks are nervous about trying out a new church because they think they won't know what to do and when to do it. Our worship service will be easy to follow. We will have an order of worship ready for you, and the worship leaders will help guide the worshippers through the service.


Ministry opportunities - Even within our worship services we will have opportunities for folks to help out. But, if that's not your thing, we can help you find other ways to utilize your gifts in service to God.


Handicap accessible - our building is 'user friendly' on both levels.


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